Nandu’s Paratha, Baner

If you have studied in Wadia’s this place definitely will be a part of your college #nostalgia and good old memories.
Times when Canteen’s Hakka noodles weren’t the mood of the day, the ultimate choice was Nandu’s Paratha, Dhole Patil road. I have literally lived on the makkhan maarke aloo parathas which wasn’t just pocket friendly, but equally delicious.
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The place
Baner folks, the legendary Nandu’s Paratha makes its way opposite Orchid school, Zikomo to be precise. I am happy to be one of the former #foodies to interact with the Thadani family who were extremely warm and courteous.
Nandu’s Paratha- Inception Story
First generation of the Thadani family started serving awesome food in St. Miras College canteen, I have tried the samosas, bread pakodas and trust me they are at par with the #bestsellers in Pune. As progress were on the cards, in 1989 they started with a small cart near Nucleus mall where juices and pav bhaji were a big hit.
So, how did the paratha magic start?

One fine day, after completing the regular chores at the cart, the Thadani couple started with their meals which consisted of aloo parathas. Customers present there asked if they could try the parathas and they were the ones who recommended to start selling the parathas we all love!

What’s the USP of Nandu’s Paratha?
The family believes the long legacy, affordable pocket friendly meals and the specially curated menu by Mr. Thadani is the secret of their journey.
The Baner outlet started two weeks back and is in process of undergoing some infrastructural upgrades, they also have rebranded their logo which is absolutely appealing.
Till date, Thadani uncle prepares all the ingredients himself and now the staff (all from North India) are undergoing a special training under his supervision. All the veggies, masalas are finely cooked on the tawa only. They now have 3 outlets one in Dhole Patil road which years ago would be operational for the entire night, one outside Gangadham society and the newly introduced Baner outlet.
What did we have?
We started with the inhouse recommendation of chatpata aloo paratha, first bite and it took me back to my college days. I think that’s what food does to you, loved the mashed potatoes, chillies with chatpata chaat masala and not to forget the dollop of butter. It comes along with fresh mint and tamarind chutney, curd, lettuce finely cut with pickle, masala (this tasted good). Honestly, the parathas are a wholesome meal in itself and you don’t really need the sides.
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Chatpata aloo paratha
The next one as uncle said has been made keeping the #millennials in mind who love their pizzas! It’s a fusion of pizza topping with a desi twist- it has chunks of capsicums, chillies, potatoes and other veggies finely mixed which went well with the thick yummy lassi.
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Pizza paratha
I wanted to try the phadi paratha which is the best option for health freaks, this has sprouts and green veggies in it, quite a welcome change in the paratha section.
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Phadi paratha
Uncle quickly made some karela fries and it was crunchy and full of spices. I love the North-Indian tadke wali dal and asked for dal tadka, it’s full of the red chilly flavors,coriander garnishing, asafoetida, cumin seeds and I am a big fan of this dish. This was similar to the dal you get in North especially in Dhabas, #nostalgia once again.
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Karela fries
WhatsApp Image 2017-09-25 at 21.38.29
Dal tadka
Moving on, we tried two dishes off the menu one was the three layered rice- palak khicidi, masala chawal and beetroot pulav. My pick was the masala chawal, simple in flavors went well with salads and mint chutney, followed by palak khicidi. The beetroot in rice version dint go well with my taste buds.
WhatsApp Image 2017-09-25 at 21.38.34
Three layered rice
Again Uncle at his best, made us try a popular Sindhi breakfast option i.e. Koki, this is made of wheat flour with coriander, cumin seeds, onions and chillies, patties are made of this batter which can be tried with curd. I had it for the first time and found it a good quick tasty meal option.
WhatsApp Image 2017-09-25 at 21.38.26
I knew my dinner was done, but heart said there’s some more room for DESSERTS & heart ruled over the mind.
We settled with desi ghee wala moong dal halwa, I liked the dry-fruits indulgence, but the halwa consistency can be relooked. While I did a quick restro tour, sipped some freshly made buttermilk which was needed after the #desikhana overload.
WhatsApp Image 2017-09-25 at 21.45.48
Moong dal halwa
In addition to the parathas, they also serve combo meals, some Maharashtrian dishes and pav bhaji.
While I go back to try the chocolate paratha, sindhi dishes, you guys should definitely try their parathas for a filling lunch or an early dinner. You can also pack the precooked parathas, store and heat it as per convenience. 
Thank you Team Ideosphere for the invite and Thadani #fam for being the gracious hosts who kept saying ‘beta acche se khana, yeh toh umaar hai khaane peene ki’ 😛

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  1. Kurian says:

    Nice memories Anu, even we get the taste

    1. Anu says:

      Thank you Kurian:)

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