Faasos- Signature Wraps

When Faasos decided to make my Friday by sending their Mutton Overload & Makhani Falafel Wrap. It’s a new introduction in the ‘Signature Wrap’ category.

Signature Wraps

9PM sharp the rolls were delivered & I happily unwrapped the box of happiness !

Mutton overload felt tempting on the ears and tasted equally delicious.
Generous amount of mutton pieces nicely cooked with loads of garam masala – wraps went well with onion slices. It’s similar to the sukka mutton preparation.

Mutton delight

Next on the plate was Makhani Falafel- Veggies with falafel ( tikki kinds )plus the butterly effect and crispness – just the right combination.

Makhani Falafel

How much does it cost ? 
Mutton Overload Wrap- Rs 250
(Though the overload of mutton was impressive, the cost is slightly on the higher side. )
Makhani Falafel Wrap- Rs -170
Complete VFM

I tried Faasos after a very long time, generally for me it’s kathi rolls ( PCMC ) or Rolls mania ( Hinjawadi) and must admit happy to have tried it.

Great idea with the inclusions of falafel, mutton overload & chicken pizza wraps.

1. Revisit your menu for the costs.

2. Packaging in terms of the color schema is good, personalization can be added especially when there’s a new addition.

Thank you – Friday sorted!


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