European feels-Krustys

Sunday contemplation – Correlation between Travel & Food!

While you travel ,you not see the beauty, experience serenity, witness diverse culture, places and interact with different people; but also look at the entire journey with a mirror which reflects and says your story!
What do I mean by this?
For someone Kerala is beauty and peace for the other Kashmir is India’s paradise, though both according to me are reflections of your personal experiences.

Similarly, food is a reflection of the different cultural experiences you draw when you live with those people and food inevitably becomes a part of your routine.

Gyaan overdose?

To cut it short, Krustys is an invention by the Puneri Joshi, Mother- Son duo who are firm believers of the mantra-INNOVATION.

The Place

Innovation for me is not always constructing a new product rather many a times deconstructing with some old ones and displaying your magic and creativity.
Krustys epitomizes both- My first experience to this European Bistro narrates my claim.

European bistro as the name suggests is typically a place where people munch light food and drinks. In Europe, you might have seen different types of eateries like Kiosk- here you get chips, smokes, chocolates and snacks items, then comes takeaway, then there is bistros which is generally a morning breakfast and evening light snacks or coffee place, and finally there are fine-dine restaurants where you enjoy the wholesome meal.

While the traditional concept of this differentiation is fading in many places, but I distinctly recall many parts of France still have a clear demarcation of Bistros and Fine-Dine restaurants.
Krustys is a all day bistro and bar located @ World Trade Center (WTC)-it’s on the ground floor and the yellow sofas, dim lighting will grab your attention.

Foodies from Pune, where a part of a Bloggers meet where we served with some of their personally researched and designed menu. No, here I am not only referring to Rohhan’s (the owner) experience of studying in France, but also a LIVE R&D lab where his team experiments and innovates different culinary experiences.

Travelling, yeah! more than 1.5 hours driving is travelling from one part of the town to this upcoming happening area with Siddharth Gujar aka Sid from Pune as he says was fun!

First impressions are long lasting and as we entered the stone walls, modern seating, glass facades, open kitchen, some amazing artifacts and most importantly quirky quotes caught my attention for a very long time.

European Feels!

Here is a quote for you all:

In Wine
There is Wisdom,
In Beer
There is Freedom,
In Water
There is Bacteria,

Well, I leave the interpretation for you all to decode, an important piece of information which I would like to share is the cocktails would soon be served and the outdoor seating- which is an ideal place for long conversations or comfortable dinner’s will be more appealing with some rocking LIVE music and performances.

As we settled, we were served with Pomegranate Iced Tea- I love the fruit and this combination was refreshing.


The evening started on a healthy note as Watermelon Black Grape & Feta Salad was next on the table. It had Candied Walnuts, Arugula, Romaine, Green Mango shavings, Passion Fruit Vinaigrette, the walnuts with green mango shavings were sheer delight!


Entrées (Starters in French ) started with:

Chicken, Bacon & Cheddar Croquettes with Honey Mustard Dip
This was a perfect example of Innovation- playing with one ingredient which was mind blowing, to everyone’s surprise it was chicken bacon and not the real bacon (pork) but it tasted the same. Excellent crispy croquettes with cheddar and mustard dip tasted delicious.

Chicken Bacon

And while we all were fascinated, Rohhan was sitting calmly and enjoying our expressions- it was like ‘beta jis school mein tum padhe ho, hum uss hi school ke principal rehe chuke hai’… (Words of wisdom)

Smoked 3 Pepper Cheese & Balsamic Onion Tortellini with Cherry Tomatoes & Sage Beurre Noisette was next, I loved the three pepper cheese oozing out and quite liked the pairing with cherry tomatoes which is rare to see in Pune.

Cheesy affair

There are not too many Bistros in Pune ,and this gives Krustys the first mover advantage to experiment with flavors, it was nice interacting with fellow foodies about different cultural and culinary experiences.

It was time for plat principal (Main course in French)

Shepherd’s Pie which was a visual treat served by the staff- Shepherd’s pie as explained by Rohhan has its routes from UK and as I had read somewhere they call it Shepherd’s pie when the meat is lamb, I had it once in Germany and still the memory remains fresh in my mind.  It’s minced lamb with crust of mashed potatoes and cheese- First bite and OMG! it wasn’t just a visual treat but was tasted yummy. The combination of meat, cheese and potatoes was bang on.

Loved this one!

As I was happily relishing this one, our next mains was Philadelphia Cream Cheese & Buttered Onion Chicken Breast with Red Wine & Shallot Jus. Rohhan told us to have this when its served hot or the chicken breast might be slightly hard, but me being me! I was still happy with my pie and it turned cold.Though the sautéed vegetables with the chicken was loved by many on the table, it wasn’t the dish of the day for me.

Chicken breast with red wine

I sipped the iced tea and was impatient for the most awaited part of any meal, by now you all know my weakness for desserts.

And they arrived- Mere Karan-Arjun aa gaye! (Happy girl moment)-

Madagascar Vanilla Pannacotta with 3 Berry & Blood Orange Coulis was the first one and the beautifully done pannacotta which is very popular dessert in Italy with berries was a tricky one, wasn’t too sweet and minus the regular caramelized version which I love was a welcome change.


The star of the day was Centre filled Apricot & Coconut Mousse Dacquoise– this is coconut with apricots and you won’t believe coconut never tasted so good before, and every bite had a different taste – the mystery of trying coconut with apricots still remains untold- you must try this cute looking dessert.

Star of the day!

Le petit repas était délicieux!

My first visit to this place ended on a note where I promised myself I am going back to try some new items and most importantly the pizzas and my fav section-DESSERTS!

If you’re someone who loves trying out new food- this place can’t be missed!

Merci Beaucoup Rohhan – Appréciez vos efforts!

Bonne chance!

Amazing clicks by Siddharth

*This review is completely based on my experience*


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