Big Bite Biryani-Sunday sorted!

Read somewhere ‘Pizza is a word and Biryani is an emotion.’ Let’s focus on the latter part which is apt to describe today’s special meal.

I heard about ‘Big Bite Biryani’ and immediately had few interactions with the owner – Snehal Ogale and sorted my Sunday lunch. Big Bite is an enterprise in PCMC started by a biryani lover who always loves having a big bite of her fav dish-BIRYANI!

I placed an order for mutton dum biryani and special chicken biryani. Snehal insisted on trying her special chicken biryani, and I was eager to try out tasty food from the home-chef’s kitchen.

Chicken Biryani

It was great to see Snehal dropping by personally to deliver the food – personal gestures always score high points and creates long lasting impact.


The ladies in the house love red meat and the chef ensured we love it more – perfect flavours just the way we like it , juicy mutton pieces with koshimbir ( salad) and we couldn’t ask for more. Koshimbir was very good in terms of quantity and had loads of salads and curd.

Mutton Biryani

Daddy loved his special chicken biryani, happiness was on cloud 9, when he gets his leg piece, the child like excitement is priceless!

Koshimbir (Salad)

And it doesn’t end here – complimentary crispy jalebis was the perfect way to enjoy this delectable meal.


What’s special in this biryani ? 
Homemade ghee is used for the preparation.
Perfect amalgamation of rice, spices and meat. Fresh meat, finely grounded spices and good quality rice- the end product had to be amazing!
Complete homely feeling of relishing your fav biryani which is not too spicy, yet tasty.
Customer satisfaction to the fullest with VFM.
You don’t feel bloated and crave for more.
Suggestion – the chicken chunks can be more in the biryani – otherwise bingo!

Take a bow Snehal- You made our Sunday 

About Snehal Ogale:

Snehal Ogale

As I interacted with her during the course of finalizing the order, it was inspiring to know the story of this young, talented, hotel management student. ‘Big Bite Biryani’ is a result of the motivation and support of  Snehal’s friends and family who loves her cooking. It takes immense courage to start an independent venture, I am glad you took the first step- and look you have one more happy customer today!
Attached menu  for fellow foodies :

Menu Card

*This review is completely based on my experience without influence of any external factors*


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