Chaat Darbar by all means!


Never say no to chaat, that’s my funda & I absolutely loovveeee chaat – puchkas to panipuri they make me happy always. This is a combined review of two visits to this lovely place- Dilli Chaat Darbar (DCD), Bhaupatil road, opposite Pune IT park .

Sunday evenings are special and today was all the more as my North- Indian friends wanted to have Chaat and it was my ‘izzat ka sawaal’ moment (Food lover on duty)!
Safely took them to this fantastic place. I’m a regular visitor here and I can vouch for this one anytime – love their chola kulcha , chaat and …
Okay, now let our experience do the talking:

Starters :
Panipuri – Crispy puris with alu (potato) and thika – meetha pani (spicy and sweet water).
Once a panipuri lover always one !

Aloo tikki chaat – Crispy tikkis with tangy chutney, paneer cubes, coriander … aaha chatpata!

Shev Puri Dahi Puri (SPDP)– No, it’s not the one with lots of spicy chutney similar to ones you get in many joints, it had the perfect combination of thika (spicy)& meetha (sweet) chutney with fresh dahi (curd).


Basket chaat- We felt the basket could have been better and the tanginess was slightly too much for our taste buds, but addition of pomegranate was very well relished.

Basket Chaat

Samosa Chaat- The amount of turmeric was little more than normal for one my friend, but overall other ingredients were present in the right proportion.

Samosa Chaat

I ordered my fav Chola kulcha which comes with a different special chilli and salad. Speciality is the kala chana which is full of flavours- not spicy at all, but you enjoy it till the last bite. 

Chola Kulcha

When you see kadhai (pan) you can’t stop ordering the hot piping jalebis. They make it on order and it’s sheer delight to have the small, crispy ones. 

Crispy Jalebis

yes, but how about jalebi with rabdi?
and the experience just got better …
We loved it !!

Rabadi awesomeness!

For the Bong in me, it’s like ‘ meetha nai khaya toh kya khaya’ – perfect end to a pleasant evening!
Packed paneer kulchas & gulab jamuns for my khaandaan – the filling of paneer was delicious only the amount of salt was a bit too much. 

Gulab Jamuns

Gulab jamuns are soft and daddy is eyeing for one more !
I couldn’t meet Jitin Ahuja ji (the owner) today, but it was nice interacting with Ahuja uncle. He was extremely kind and polite. 

Thank you DCD ‘ aapne meri izzat rakh li’ my friends are heading here again & you have a happy customer like me always!



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