Emerald Irani Cafe


Garam chai ki pyaali ho… la la la -BOLLYWOOD Effect!
This was my condition after a hectic day@ work and a good tea was the need of the hour.
Saath mein bun maska ho toh kya baat hai! and your bestie along – No more Monday blues for me!

Visited this cool, contemporary style cafe in my side of the city.


Cafe Emerald – the new baby in the block is there to serve ‘aam PEOple’ like you and me from 5AM
Yes, you heard me right.

Menu Card

Interiors are excellent – snaps for your reference.

By now you all know I ordered for bun maska & Irani chai.
Bun maska for me is Vohuman & Goodluck and this wasn’t even close.

Bun maska and Irani Chai

The butterly love was a major miss, found it average.
However, chai was good!
Rooting back to history, Irani chai was introduced by Persians and I’m happy to have tried the best one at a Persian restaurant in Berlin.


The versions you get at many places are customised and many have their local flavours. The speciality of irani chai is the uniqueness in its taste- slowly brewed spices gives the tea decoction and wonderful flavour.
If you’ re someone who loves a lot of sugar in your tea- This is not your cuppa.

My friend settled with mava cake- it was fresh and delicious.

What’s good ?
Great ambience
A good place to chill with friends
Reasonably priced

Are you one of them?

I would like to try their masala omelette, kheema pav & walnut cake next time.


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