Tirangi Rassa- The Misal House

Saturday morning special breakfast at this new misal outlet in Chinchwad, Tirangi Rassa- The Misal House.

Location- Next to Balaji tyres, juna jataka naka, Chinchwad.

Ambience- Simple small setup like regular misal joints.

What’s special?
As the name suggests it’s three colour samples served with pav, salad, papad and curd.
The best part – everything is served in kulhad.

Misal Plate

What are these three samples ?
It’s the power of 3 K- Khandeshi, Konkani and Kolhapuri.
Khandeshi is mix of garam masalas, jeera (cumin seeds), saunf (fennel seeds) with khandeshi kala masala.
Konkani is mix of green chillies which is fried first and then mixed with coriander, pudina as a coolant and spices.
Kolhapuri is the sample / tarri which is generally served with misal.

Three Samples

The misal preparation has matki , chakariphul ( type of garam masala) loads of farsaan and coriander garnishing. Home made papad, curd, and fresh buttered pav is the ideal combination.

Misal bowl

The three samples are served piping hot and you can ask more for it. The attempt to experiment with three different flavours works quite well.
And I think one of the rare places, who have tried to add twist to a sacred food like misal!

What could have been better?
♥The misal preparation only has matki which was less in quantity and loads of farsaan.
♥USP are the three samples which is unique, but the main ingredient can be revisited. This will certainly enhance the experience.

How and when did it start?
The new kid in this block is an outcome of the different cuisines the owner has tried across Maharashtra. The operations started on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa. They are open from 8.30 AM on weekdays and 8AM on weekends.

Service and Hospitality                                                                                                              

Fast and attentive.
Energetic owner personally interacting and attending the customers.
Families and bachelors were happy trying this breakfast option.

Total bill

Rs 50/ plate which is very decent with the uniqueness offered.

It’s quite light and being a explorer I appreciate the attempt.


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