What’s their secret Recipe?

Remembering my last Sunday’s meal at Recipe – Bhandarkar road with my girlie gang.
The restaurant is owned by Mr & Mrs Joshi ( they belong to the famous Joshi Wadewale family) and the duo makes sure every customer is personally attended and that’s the USP of this small but well maintained homely place.

They have an indoor seating which is right opposite the kitchen, so you won’t feel the heat here and hot- piping food served is tempting.

We started with chicken dry- it was nicely marinated masala with tender pieces of chicken.

Chicken Dry

Mutton alani soup was served which was quite healthy.
Next was special mutton thali, it’s cooked in sajuk tup ( ghee) and you can relish this in every bite.
The thali consists of mutton fry, kheema, kala rassa, tambada rassa, chapati / bhakari ( we asked for one each) , indryani rice & salad (dahi kanda and limbu).

Special Mutton Thali

We loved the kala mutton it was very juicy and the home made masalas were the perfect blend. The masalas are made by Mrs. Joshi and you feel just like having your fav meal at home.
Immediately packed kala mutton for my mum, the person who actually taught me to have good mutton.
Chapatis or Bhakaris with kheema tasted yummy- minced mutton with coriander garnishing – aah! I so wish it was more in terms of the quantity.

Bhakari with rassas

Never mind, the kala rassa was spicy and solkadhi was a complete heat buster.
Lastly, indrayni rice with ghee – the aroma was so inviting and we happily hogged it till the end.
We were served with kolambi ( prawns ) in the end which was good. This was a kind gesture by the super warm hosts.
Happy girls were contented and Sunday just got better for us.

What I loved ?
👍Homely flavours
👍Kala mutton, kheema & indryani rice
👍You can share a thali here- Total VFM

I’m visiting again to try some more delicacies.


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