Kolhapur Food Fest – Kha Khacchun

Every place one visits leaves distinct memories about the culture, food and people.

Kolhapur is one such place for me, I have being visiting this place every year from the time I could barely say things beyond A, B, C,D…
And been acquainted to the non- spicy original misal, food at padma guest house since my childhood days.
This was one of the primary reasons to visit the food festival on Sunday, March 26, and the ideal time to revisit good old memories.

We visited this place at 6PM, recharged the card & explored the area.

What we tried?
Our initial plan was to have lunch here, but the scorching heat was unbearable. Dropped the plan and had lunch at Recipe( separate review coming up soon)

Started the food journey with paan panipuri from Betel leaf- loaded with khata- meetha pani, outer coating of chocolate, and lots of mint variations.

Paan Panipuri

Next was special rajabhau bhel – bhadang used to make bhel with kairi & mirchi on top – not spicy, loved it. This stall had the max crowded for quite sometime. Packed special bhewada bhel, yet to try it.

Special Rajabhau Bhel

Tried misal from the stall next to rajabhau ( unable to recollect the name) balanced flavours with nice sample & bread slice.
Meanwhile trying to figure what next, packed some kolhapuri spices.
Parceled special chicken fry from Padma guest house & it was delicious. The specialty is the spices this place uses.
I had a misal lover with me, so tried chulhivarcha gavran misal – not good! sample was too oily.
Tastebuds wanted something spicy, quickly bought kat vada from avanti. Nice kat potato vada with spicy sample & onions.

Kat vada

Lastly we had paan shots, 5 star caramelised paan from Betel leaf and it was great. I’m a betel leaf person, so i’m all set to go to their outlet to try their kulfi, misal, scuffle.

What was good ?
👍I read mixed reviews about the fest. Initially was skeptical to visit it, but i’m glad made it. It wasn’t crowded at 6PM, easily recharged & refilled my card.
👍Parking, arrangements, hygiene, left over food disposals, restrooms were all well taken care.
👍Water dispensers, bisleri & cold drink arrangements were good. There was a sugarcane juice counter as well.
👍The prepaid card system actually made people think twice rather many times before they recharged the card. Although the refund only up to Rs 500 was absurd.
👍The outdoor space catered to lots of entertainment programs, photo ops and stalls from chappals to jewellery.
👍It wasn’t reasonably charged at all counters, but wasn’t too expensive either.

What could have been better?
ğŸ‘ŽTraffic management when we left at 8PM was bad. Literally the road was blocked.
ğŸ‘ŽSome counters should learn to have a clear understanding between quantity vs cost ratio.

Overall, i’m happy to have tried it.
P.S- We were busy with food, snaps took a backseat today.


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