Maharashtrian Thali: Suhas Dining Hall

There are days when you want to eat something different yet homely food, today was one such day for me.
Landed up at Suhas Dining Hall, Chaphekar Chowk Chinchwad. Its popular as a maharashtrian thali place in PCMC area.

I really like their batatyachi bhaji ( potato) which is simply potatoes cooked in salt, turmeric with cumin seeds, green chillies & garnished with coriander. Unfortunately, today they weren’t serving it.

The thali today afternoon comprised of kakdi koshimbir( cucumber salad) ghevdyachi bhaji( french beans ) vatana usal ( green peas ) 2 chapatis (bread), aamati, kadi, papad & rice.


What I liked :
Koshmbir with sugar , salt, corainder & cumin seeds
Soft, thin , hot chapatis
Aamati which was slightly sweet, this is not the kind of dal i’m used to having daily

I don’t really like both ghevda & vatana usal , but that was the only thing for the day – as they say ‘ bahar toh khana hi padhta hai- had no choice!

Cost of the unlimited thali- Rs 140
I don’t think so..

What they should focus on ?
They had a board which read menu – gulab jamun, shrikhand, amarkhand, aamras & taak
Surprisingly they were serving aamras, but no amarkhand & taak.
The staff told us cuz they had kadi in the menu for the day , they don’t sell taak for that day.
Maximum thali places you either have taak/ solkadhi. I think they should consider having this option / get rid of giving such lame excuses
Have at least 4 bhaji options in the menu, so that customers have a choice to make.

Will I visit again?
Probably no


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