Kahani Khane ki..

First time is always special, so this wasn’t a food tasting event, nor a new restro launch.. happy to have done that.
This was a foodie discussion forum- where we spoke about our passion for food, different nuances of food preparation, the Gen Y& Z’s modernized concepts of food and overall the perception or misconceptions to say, people have about different cuisines, spices, flavours. The session was conducted at Malaka Spice, Baner.

Gang of Foodies

It was a fun discussion, glad to meet passionate foodies.It was interesting to understand the foundation of Malaka Spice from the owner Praful, their belief system and the zeal to serve food to people. This post is not about the food which we happily hogged, it was more about why we love food…to the moon & back?

To share my experience, we were shown placards like ‘ Is Sondesh from KC DAS (Brand from Kolkata ) the best one’? we had to say whether we ‘AGREE’/ DISAGREE to this statement and narrate an instance to support our answer or share personal experience.        I could very well relate to this question and I think though KC DAS is a big name which is established, we cannot underestimate the locals. For me at least ‘ Good Food doesn’t always come with a big tag along’. 

Sharing my experience…

Overall, it was a great meet to share, discuss, learn different aspects of the food journey!

In Conversation with Praful, the owner of Malaka Spice
Ok, so whats for lunch?

How was your experience at Malaka Spice?


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