Long Live BHS!

“C’est est une beau jour avec mes amis parce que il est BHS ”
My experience below to explain the ‘why this french thing’ ?

When you catch-up with your bhukkad friends you know your evening is sorted! This time we decided to hop the interesting joints in the lane. Surprisingly the places there weren’t too crowded , but the plethora of options this place provides- you know you will have a pleasant time.

Stop 1- The Urban Foundry
I love this place and tried one of their signature dish Thigh Chicken Thai- Tender Chicken Kebab cooked with desi tadka. I had this with Gulabo, it’s kokam sherbat, lime, mint, black salt, soda. I am not a kokam lover, but I like this drink here. The ambience gives you this garage wala feeling, rusty interiors, dim lights, music , lots of antique artefacts – you can spend a good time.

Thigh Chicken Thai

Stop 2- Nawab Asia
Mutton cravings had started, we ordered Peshwari Boti- lamb pièces marinated with ginger & garlic paste green chilli paste, finely cooked in tandoor. Though the masala was good & spicy the mutton was too chewy.
We knew this wasn’t keeping us hooked so quickly started discussing about the next joint. The quantity vs the cost ratio isn’t great, barely few pieces of lamb for Rs.395.
It’s a complete fine dine place and I have tried their veg food, but I will reserve my comments until my next visit.

Peshwari Boti

Stop 3- Marakesh

My friend loves Marakesh & has almost tried everything there, no further discussion. We moved towards this small but nicely designed outlet. We noticed a lot of ‘yellow mania’ here, the menu card, chandeliers, glasses- all in yellow, maybe it’s their lucky charm. Ok, so coming back to food. We asked for Open Face Dajaj Shawarma- It’s marinated chicken placed on vertical rotisserie cooked with tahini sauce , comes along with pita bread. I loved the shawarma !
When you ain’t satisfied with the perfect mutton, you know ‘ yeh dil maange more’ immediately called for boti kebabs & they were delicious!
No exaggeration here, if you love meat you cannot miss this dish @ Marakesh. It’s juicy, it’s soft, marinated with amazing flavours. A meat lover like me is happy & contented.
The service is good & the place is comparatively better designed than other outlets in Pune. I find this place ´total paisa vasool’!

Spot 4-Oh So Stoned!

This place was in my ‘ To eat list’ so my gang had no choice but to keep up with my madness. The bong in me loves the happy’s ending’s (srkfandom) so meetha moment toh banta hai. We crossed the street and visited this pinky place : Oh So Stoned! heard it right?

Oh So Cool!

The concept is similar to Cream Stone , big space , fancy interiors , nice seating & wall which is full of dharavi house kinda door, you don’t believe me ? Snap for you all.


This place has more options than cream stone. We settled with chiky chiky bang bang – butterscotch scoop with chiky & caramel flavours, nothing exceptional but I love butterscotch so it was good.

Chiky Chiky Bang Bang

My friend ordered Rum Baba Junior , it actually had strong rum essence well blended with chocolate.

Rum Baba Junior

I wish to try their sundae & brownie , but concept & options wise – full marks & . They are quite active on Facebook & are prompt in responding , you get the sense of being a valuable customer.

Stop 5- Home

Sleepy , Happy & all the bhukkads drive back home.
I’m a total jabra fan of this hangout zone & definitely visiting this place again & again …


Long Live BHS!
Bon appétit

Share your BHS Stories, I would love to read them…


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