The Taste of Thailand

I was in Thailand in the month of May and while enjoying Stir Cashew Chicken, Pad Thai, Tom Yam soup, Papaya Salad, Banana cheesecake & fresh fruits 🙂 while I was reading about good places to dine in Chiang Mai ( North Thailand) . I read a review about an Indian Restro – Raj Darbar, lot of positive reviews about good quality food and service by Sunil (staff) who works there. All the reviews were by foreigners. We were curious to try out our food in a foreign land. It’s close to Night Bazaar, the ambience is quite simple with Indian songs played. I heard ‘Main nikla oh gadi leke, felt close to India. We hogged there for two days, below is a combined experience:

No, we weren’t missing pakodas but just wanted to try aloo & pyaaz pakoda preparation and it wasn’t too bad! Enjoyed this with garma garam masala chai. This combination can never go wrong.

For mains on the first day we ordered aloo gobi, I prefer starting with simple dishes if that works, you have won a customer like me. Simple homely preparation had this with chana masala, kabuli chana cooked with turmeric, garam masala, ginger-garlic paste- no additional flavours nicely garnished with fresh coriander. We enjoyed this with hot piping phulkas.

The benchmark was set for us and we were all geared to visit this place the next day. This time we went the next level and ordered paneer tikka masala- big chunks of paneer very well cooked in tomato gravy and indian spices. This was served with soft garlic naan, we asked Sunil to call for Dal Tadka- cumin seeds, red chilly flavour…do we need more? Yes, we ordered for Veg Biryani. The quality of rice was very ordinary but it had loads of veggies and came along with curd & gravy.

The gastronomic delight ended with refreshing and soothing Buttermilk- tinge of ginger, cumin seeds and lots of coriander. This was presented in a cute little jar. I love buttermilk apart from it being a coolant, I find it extremely light and healthy.


It is not a fancy place, but full marks to the food, service & hospitality. My interest to try out this place was to understand how our food is cooked in different corners of the World. I was delighted and the experience was amazing!

So, next time when you are in Chiang Mai, do try this place – it’s reasonably priced with good quality food.

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