Lai Bhari: Maratha Samrat

The first thing you read in the morning is about yummy mutton & you know it’s mutton all day. This a combined review of my visit to this awesome place twice.

In order to fulfil my mutton craving landed to ‘ Maratha Samrat ‘, Baner opposite Wadeshwar. It’s comparatively a bigger space than Kothrud but the food quality, service is top notch. We started with sabka fav Kheema Papad – minced mutton with just the right amount of spices, coriander.

Mutton Kheema Papad

This was the start for something more good. It had to be my fav kaala mutton ( serves 2, yeah they have that option) the perfect blend of garam masala, turmeric powder, yoghurt, caraway seeds & juicy mutton pieces- you know you are the right place.
We had this with garam garam chapatis & buttermilk.

The best thing was an extra bowl full of lip- smacking gravy which wasn’t too spicy and cooked to perfection.

My ❤️ goes mmm when I crave for meat , culprit again aapla ‘Maratha Samrat’ was craving for mutton . Yesterday afternoon (second visit experience) lunch had to be @ Maratha Samrat, Baner- it’s closer and I thank Sagar Vishwas Deshmukh for this. He was kind enough to quickly help me with the table.
I immediately ordered for Mutton Fry Thali – snap to give you the details.

L-R Mutton Fry Thali: Chapatis, Tambada and Pandhara rassa, Kheema, Salad, Chutney and Thecha & the yummy Mutton Fry!

I loved the Kheema , wish the quantity was more .

Mutton Fry was delicious, soft juicy pieces with loads of garam masala, lal thikat went well with hot chapatis. I happily relished the biryani which was nice & filling.

Anu`s Meter:

  • The service was extremely quick & the experience was good.
  • The best thing about this place is they don’t overdo with spices & the meal is quite light but your tummy is happy!  
  • Overall as always, this is my go to destination for meat & I’m delighted by the food, service.
  • The only thing I wish Maratha Samrat adds to their menu is some desserts.
  • Needless to say , I’m coming again for trying different Thali variants.

Keep up the great work Sagar & team..
A happy mutton lover signs off :):)


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