Friends…Tales & Spirits

When you have friends who love exploring new places .. it was time to visit this place which is two blocks away from Marriott, SB road.
👏Classy blue & white interiors,
Hanging lights – Bohemian interiors,
👏Complete European cafe feel – it’s Tales & Spirits which is the perfect place to chill with friends on a lazy Sunday evening.

The place…

👏The place scores high for its ambience , it has an outdoor garden seating and indoors which is air conditioned.
I found the music slightly loud , but interiors where books are smartly used as decor is pretty cool!
Coming to the food , my friend is a big fan of this place, so something’s were decided:
1. Pasta Alfredo – Tossed with penne, sautéed mushrooms, cream & cheese, it was tasty and creamy!


2. Al Fiamma- Pizza thin crust with chilli flakes, glazed onions, loved the crunchiness.

Crispy Pizza


3. Next was BLI & Cheese Panni – We dint like this , it’s toasted bread with lettuce, tomatoes, basil served with fries basket – thank you for the fries, it’s one of the best fries I’ve had, crispy and not at all oily. The presentation of this dish was impressive, especially the fries basket. We sipped cold coffee along which was nice .

4. Finally it was ‘ Kuch meetha ho jaye moment’ I was in two minds between tiramisu & red velvet but opted the later. This is The Red Velvet Revolution rolls, one of the signature desserts of T&S , it’s creamy red velvet cake – somehow the cream overpowered the cake nevertheless it was fresh and the ideal way to end the meal.

Total damage – Rs 1030 ( includes all taxes)
👍Service – Quick
👍Presentation – Complete Visual Treat
👍Hospitality – Friendly & Cooperative
It’s a nice place to chill and spend time with friends!!
👍Final Verdict – 3.5

Cool place to chill out…

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