That`s the ray: Up South way!

Saturday was all about taking my friends out for a food reviewing event, where I could show off my love for food and moreover the happiness of sharing my experience.               As Friendship Day was just the next day-this was a treat for my friends. I visited UpSouth restaurant in Phoenix, Lower Basement Floor.


The colour combination of bright yellow and orange will definitely catch your eyeballs.      Its a small little place with decent seating and some really quirky quotes to make your visit pleasant.

It was nice to talk to the Hotel Manager, Anjath who explained the purpose of establishing a food chain in Pune market which focuses on authentic south indian food. The combo meals are a good hit among oldies and the younger generation prefers the burgers, and snacks. The USP of this place is the innovation they bring with every dish- I was impressed with uthly- get rid of unhealthy burgers: eat uthly.

You might think what`s so special with uthly?                                                                                    Its burger minus the pav, the pav is substituted by mini uttapa base, the bottom layer is of idli and the middle layer consists of veg patty with sauce and veggies- isn’t this healthy & tasty?

Tasty and Healthy: Uthly

I hope you are tempted with the above innovation…let me go on with the inception of this place and then we quickly get back to food…The chain is quite established in Bengaluru and they are setting up their base in Pune, with the recent new joint in Kondhwa which is on the highway where you can drop by and have a quick bite. They have self-service and after you place your order, there is a smart way of informing their customers that the food is ready- no token system, no running around the counter to check whether your order is ready, because they give you a device which vibrates and glows bright like sun (pun intended) when your order is ready.

OK..Coming back to business, me and my foodie hungry folks started by ordering degree kapi ( strong coffee served in a cute little glass with a bowl: south indian estyle) we also had badami milk, my friend exclaimed its similar to the milk we have during kojagiri poornima:) But, we loved the coffee strong and refreshing- must try for all the coffee lovers!


Next was South Indian Combo ( Malabari parotha sandwich, crispy bullet, cutlet, sabudana cheese vada, and buttermilk) The malabari parotha was the base of the sandwich, no guesses this time it was minus the bread with veg patty, veggies, mayo and sauce. I found it slightly messy with the sauce and veggies oozing out, but again a good healthy option, crispy bullet was made up of sago light went well with sauce, sabudana cheese vada was the highlight soft cheese just melted as we had the first bite-loved the twist in the vada.     I would love having the sabudana vada in the uthly as the cheese just adds up to the taste of the entire dish.

They have a special dessert called as elneer mousse its mousse loaded with cream with grated coconut- wasn’t too sweet and coconut with caramel was a good mix.

We were quite full by now so decided to take a short break and do some shopping and be back on the mission…

Tring…Tring…the break time is done and we are ready to hog again!

Our next order was curd rice – I love curd rice in general and like the south indian style of making it boiled rice with phodni ( kadipata, rai, coriander, and some green chilly)  with some theeka achar-yum!

The next thing was Upsouth Special Combo (mini masala dosa, ghee idli sambar, poori and sambar vada served with miripakaya curry, sambar, three chutneys and buttermilk) The  mini masala dosa was crispy went well with the gunpowder chutney, small idlies dipped in tasty sambar was a perfect delight! the curry was quite ordinary, I am a big buttermilk fan, but this was again with different flavours it had the rai, kaddipatta, coriander phodni with ginger. Sambar vada was tasty and crispy.

Distractions are not always destructive, this was proved by the paddu  poster which we saw right in front of us, it was time to order the chatpata paddus. The hot piping paddus (aape) with lemon achar which added the right amount of chatpata flavour to the soft paddus.      It was extremely light and delicious…Do not forget the red chutney which has the right amount of spice meter.

Tempting Paddus

Burp! but last mein sweet dish toh banta hai..we quickly ordered keshari bhaat, no this wasn’t rice but tasted close to rich pineapple sheera with cashews and dryfruits- an ideal way to end the gastronomic food journey.

The service was extremely quick and efficient, we dint really had to wait for the next dish to come, as it was already there. The best part of this place is the whole idea of using fresh veggies, no added preservatives, innovative ways to make each dish so healthy thereby not compromising on the spices, flavours and taste.

Its not only for oldies…its not only for youths- Its a place for your entire family!

Enjoy the culinary experience at UpSouth…

*All rights reserved, review based on invite*



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