It’s a Cheesy Saturday!!

I am a big time butter fan since I was a kiddo more than the taste then it was all about the little girl featuring in the Amul Ad`s, she was the reason and somewhere still she is for my Buttery Love. I could see the naughty me in her and so ‘Taste bhi health bhi’ butter was an important part of my life.

My love for her hasn’t changed much but while growing up I had a crush on Cheese as well. So am I in a fix?? Not really, bread ke sath butter and pizza ke sath cheese sorted hai…

So, now talking about my crush I am delighted to be a part of the Go-Cheese Event organized by Femina this Saturday at the Go Cheese Factory, Manchar.

Let me tempt you with some photographs.

The Go Cheese Tasting Event will explore the different varieties of Go cheese, recipes that can be made with it, cheese and wine pairing etc. It will be a day long event where enthusiasts will be divided in groups and taken for the field tour, factory visit. It doesn’t end here there will be blind cheese tasting games, photo booths and loads more stored for foodies like me:)

Living in the city for years together, we are not really aware of the process involved in the cheese formation, temperature changes and its effects on the environment, types of cheese (apart from the basic like Cottage Cheese, Mozzarella, Farmer Cheese). Though awareness about Dairy Farming is very less, visit to the Cheese Factory will help seek answers to lot of queries.

I was reading about this place and found a document which talks about the DONT`s which we all must know before visiting the factory:

  • No Photography is allowed inside the farm
  • No purses, wallets can be carried
  • No earrings, rings, religious items to be taken inside during the visit
  • Visitors need to wear head cap & mask to cover their face

Too many DONT`s?? so here`s the ‘To Do List’

Cheese Exploration….with Wine…some more of it and its all about it:):)

Need some more motivation?? Here you go, I am sure you must be drooling….

See you guys this Saturday, 19th March at Manchar. Till then ‘ Say Cheese’!

go cheese invitei final 2





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