Food Mania@ Punchin

‘Dane Dane pe likha hai khanewale ka naam’

This is apt to describe our Sunday dinner @ Punchin- Citrus Hotel, Pimpri. This visit was special as my parents accompanied me to review a restaurant.  My parents wanted to see, ‘ What their daughter actually does when she is invited as a foodie?’ apart from eating:) Punchin is a combo of two flavours (Punajbi +Chinese). Parents love the former, so it was Punjabi Khana for us on Sunday.

Exploration Begins….

I asked my dad what is a good restaurant according to you? Here, good food is a mandate, but apart from that he said ‘ personal/ homely touch’ makes that place special for me. For many people from my generation the answer would be ambience, good offers followed by the hospitality. These are two different perspectives and probably helped me to looked at various aspects while I was exploring this place.

Ambience: The restro is on the ground floor of Citrus Hotel.  Coming to the place, its a nice LIVELY place with lots of lights (bulbs), wooden chairs and tables, a fancy bullet at the entrance, two cute females there to greet you, wooden chairs and tables and I let the snaps speak more…

The place is divided into sections (Buffet and Ala Carte) Buffet section is more of a family area with normal seating, Ala carte has a bar area, which is colourful and bright we opted for the later one.

Welcome drink: There is a hotel staff who is dressed like ‘ Chaat wala’ welcoming you with papad and peanuts and welcome drink (orange juice) served in a measuring tube, the menu card is a fancy one which is actually on a dafali – full points in seating up the food show. We also had Kachumbar Cooler (cucumber, mint leaf with 7-up) it was nice and refreshing.

Starters: We ordered Veg spring rolls – loads of beetroots in the spring roll which is rare to find, this was nicely filled with veggies and was deep fried.

In Chicken we asked for Chicken Tikka Kalimirchi- No, this wasn’t spicy but chicken pieces marinated in curd, served with rohani (maida roti + haldi+ salt) First time I had such a combo topped with Kalimirchi powder. I would prefer the spicer version of this dish. As per my suggestion the chef was kind enough to serve us chicken tikka which was spicy & juicy.

Hospitality: The staff was cooperative, friendly & attentive. Special thanks to Raj Kumar from the staff who ensured everything was in place. Chef recommended us to have Prawns in salt & pepper – extremely crispy & tasty.
Bong ko khushi hui!!!

Mains: We ordered butter chicken with laccha paratha, triangle shaped Naan with white butter!!! For some time I forgot the calories it had, focus was on food…food and only food!
Butter Chicken unlike other places wasn’t sweet it was a sweet spicy combo. I loved the gravy- it was nice thick cream with tomato & onion. We had chaas along – perfect balance of masala, ginger & coriander.

Surprise: Coming to the interesting part of the food journey. Till 9.30 pm, there was no music. I realized I was missing something in such a pulsating place – then the fun started, they have a rail dance where everyone forms a train and plays the dafali, plates- and this completely made the evening.


Desserts: Most important section to complete the food journey.
I was excited to try out as much as I could. So ordered lit bit of Moong dal halwa – rich ghee preparation with loads of dry-fruits.
Hot Gulab jamun – soft, loved it!
Butterscotch ice-cream
Molten chocolate samosa – Nice concept of samosa with chocolate filling, but the dish needs improvement.

Complimentary Dish – We were served whipped cream with boondi and small glass of jaljeera kinds (honey, ginger, lemon & Chaat masala) drink- This was needed after the lip-smacking sumptuous meal.

Experience: They have a very interesting feedback form which shows the importance given to customer’s experience – well thought questions interestingly placed.

Final Verdict:

Ambience – 5/5
Hospitality -5/5
Food -4/5
VFM- 4/5
Will I visit again??
Yeah, Chinese exploration baki hai!!

For Long Chats…

Kudos to the team for the brilliant conceptualization, quality food and brilliant hospitality!


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