For the love for food @Vohuman Cafe

This was my first visit to this place, which plays a significant role in the history of Pune. I have heard a lot about this place from foodies around this city, and  as per the recent relocation news  ‘Ek visit toh banta hai.. ‘ 25th Oct,6.45 am me & my super excited parents visited Vohuman Cafe. I am happy that my parents understand and support my love for food:) rather I would say its all in the genes:) . This place was full , but we were fortunate to get a table quickly next to the window.

This iconic place…

The menu was already decided, after sitting for 10-15 mins we asked the staff to take the order. The cleaner reluctantly said ‘ aap baitho , order lene aayega’ within no time he took the order from the adjacent table – these were regular visitors, who come to Vohuman after their morning walk. This wasn`t a surprising me for, as I did read reviews on Zomato where people have complained about the behaviour of the staff. Ignoring this part, we ordered cheese toast, cheese omelette , bun maska & chai.

I saw all sorts of people visiting this small cafe located next to Courtyard Marriott, Sassoon road. There was a gang of college students who probably came to this place after a night out. The other sect of customers were ,  couples who visited this place for breakfast after morning walks, there were oldies and youngsters too.  I was amazed to see the fan following for this Cafe. Coming to the food ‘ cheese omelette ‘ was mindboggling, every morsel had cheese in it, which just melts in your mouth. Chai and bun maska with tuti frooti – and your morning is sorted.

Bun maska and loads of butter..
Epic Cheese Omelette

I was happy to see the cute uncle (Mr. Irani- owner)  sipping Sprite in the morning.

I asked him if I could take his snap , he smiled and quickly said ‘ ruko, let me wear my cap , nai toh koi pehchane nai’ and said ‘God bless you , do come again! this just made my morning . I have heard lots of stories about Mr. Irani and his humour, and I must say he is doing a great job at the age of 75. You love him, you hate him, but you just cant ignore him:)

Cute uncle

One advice to the management is- kindly train the staff to be more friendly and attentive , the attitude is more like ‘ you have come here, so now we know you won’t go anywhere’. The food served is undoubtedly incomparable , but the staff must learn to keep the customers happy ! As someone rightly said ‘athithi devo bhavo’
Early morning drive to this place was certainly worth it, have never had such yummy breakfast in Pune. I am waiting to visit the new place all over again…


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