Somethings cant be quantified…

Main Kabhi Batlata Nahi

Par Andhere Se Darta Hoon Main Maa

Yun To Main Dikhlata Nahin

Teri Parwaah Karta Hoon Main Maa

Tujhe Sab Hain Pata Hain Na Maa

Tujhe Sab Hain Pata Meri Maa

This song from “Taare Zameen Par” left all the viewers on an emotional note. The lines depicts the relationship between a mother and her kid, it states the way a mother compliments as a driving wheel in her kids life.

Off late on the eve of Women`s day celebration followed by Mother`s day. Programs like Lavasa Women`s drive were in limelight. The question I would like to raise here is why do we think about Womanhood, Mother`s only on 8th March, Women`s day, or post heinous incident as the Nirbhaya rape case, which traumatized the entire country. Do we really need a day to express our love for our mother, wife, sister, and partner?

Being a media student we do have healthy discussions, arguments in class about anything and everything happening in and around us. The question which came up in my mind after a discussion with my peers, was should “motherhood be an occupation”?

Any application form we have to fill has this option, can this be a new addition rather should it be an option?

Purity, divinity these are the metaphors used for the very first intimate relationship one shares. It is due to her we are a part of this world- the safest place in the world was her womb and now her arms, which makes one feel secure. Each morning we read newspaper at least one case of a woman, mother, girl ill-treated is registered. If we say making motherhood a mandatory option would give her the due respect I don’t think it is a realistic choice

I think one cannot quantify the love, affection, sacrifice, pain a mother witnesses in her life. Rather I think it is an iota of analyzing her on the basis of certain variable. If it is to make the role of mother in prominence, as now we have mother`s name in the mark sheet, I believe we must rethink.

On the contrary right from the roots that is in education system gender equality must be promoted and propagated in the toddler`s belief system. From school to master`s level we are segregated on the basis of gender. It is vital to eradicate this problem at a primary level. In our country we have been following the hegemony of the dominant class-Men the sole authority. This thought is cultivated and passed through generations, hence we tend to take woman as granted, and feel what are mother`s are doing is what they are born to do. This is certainly not the truth, if it is the duty/responsibility of a mother to look after her family, kids isn’t the father equally responsible? Is woman only a child bearing machine?

It is not a duty, responsibility, job, task a mother does in raising her kids. It is the care, sacrifice, love and affection she experiences, makes to make her kid the best person in this world. Occupation is a post, work, function one does to gain name, fame, money and status. It is a mandate; motherhood doesn’t belong to this criteria. It is a selfless deed a mother does to see that chirpy smile and spark in her kid`s face.

If this thought of motherhood is to make a difference. I think there is plethora of options to do so. This definitely doesn’t mean considering her a weak player, but she should be one of the players in the game which is fair. A mother must not get a job in a MNC as it is obligatory to have a woman in the team to show how the local company /people think global. She should be given a job on her merits.

The working scenario in India for women is better as compared to that in the West. Women here are in the top positions, but after a point the career graph is not exponentially increasing. This is where her life again comes to a standstill.

In the West mostly after a certain age, kids are left on their own, to lead an independent life-Self made man is what they say. The family bondage, emotional connect with mom`s is on a superficial level. On the other hand we Indians are very much attached to our roots.

In terms of family, she must be acknowledged for her love, care, towards the family members and her role must not be overlooked. She is the one who experiences hell lot of pain to bring us in this world, the first friend, first woman in a men`s life, someone who spends sleepless nights when her kid is unwell, someone who would play a role of Kali Ma and stand by her children, Lakshmi Ma for the well being of her family, Saraswati Ma as a guide to her kids. She doesn’t expect rewards; all she wants is love-that is her true reward.

“Bina Bole Jo Samajle Mere Mann Ki baat Oh Maa….”

A small question but definitely an important one to rethink about the status mother`s have in our life.

Maa the most pure word lets respect the unconditional love our mother`s bestows on us.


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